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    with multi-language

  2. Work as a Volunteer
    at Jacó Beach

Study Languages in Costa Rica

We also want to make sure that our students learn not only in an effective way as far as the mere language learning part is concerned, but also in a way that is enjoyable and inspiring for them, both during their time in class, and their time spent in other activities in Costa Rica.

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Stay with costarrican host Families

We offer home stays with nice Costa Rican host families. Practice your Spanish not only at the class, but also at home, too. You’ll see how you’ll learn a lot of spontaneous Spanish for the daily life just by spending time with your host family and sharing your experiences with them.

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Volunteers from all over the world

Volunteers of all ages come to help either in San José or other provinces. We have volunteer work positions in public schools, social daycare centres, orphanages, elderly homes, churches, with social organizations, with environmental organizations, in national parks and protected areas, etc.

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  1. Keny White
    Learn How to Pronounce Words in English

  2. Hinata Hyuga
    Learn English with me - Grammar and Phrasal Verbs

  3. Keny White
    Improve Your English Vocabulary

  4. Hinata Hyuga
    Learn to speak like a native speaker

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What people say

How real people said about Logos

  1. Cal
    from Los Angeles

    "The class was just what I wanted. I had a very fun time and enjoy myself. Thank you for everything"

  2. Philipp
    from Austria

    "I have learned so much during my time here and I believe there is no school anywhere in this world that offer better and more sympatic service to its students. I had a perfect time here and can recommend Logos to everybody who wants to study Spanish"

  3. Joyce
    from England

    "Thank you so much for all what you taught me. I have enjoyed the conversations about cultures and all"

  4. Rebecca
    from New York

    "I know I didn’t get to be here long enough but the time has been fabulous!! Thank you so much for the teachings and also for the trip to the park"

  5. Jasmin
    from Switzerland

    "Thank you so much for the course of Spanish for business. It was so interesting and useful. I’m sure it will help me so much to reach my goals"

  6. Brad
    from North Carolina

    "I had such a great teacher. I enjoyed class very much. I only wish I had longer time than one week. I hope to visit again soon"

  7. Jeri
    from Florida

    "I liked so much the time I spent here at Logos. The course gave me a lot of confidence and it was what I needed to continue. I found in Logos not only good teaching but also good friends. I hope to come back soon"

  8. Grady, Barbara, Grady Jr. and Carisse
    from Los Angeles

    "Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. It was so important for our family to learn Spanish and experience the culture of Costa Rica. You provided both"

  9. Ole-Magnus, Christian and Kristoffer
    from Norway

    "Thank you for 20 Intensive but excellent hours of learning basic Spanish. This short course has been a great starting point for learning more Spanish. Thank you very much"

  10. Christa
    from New York

    "Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn at Logos. I loved it all!! Thank you for everything!"

  11. Markus
    from Iceland

    "In this 8 weeks I learned much more than I expected. Traveling to Costa Rica and being at Logos has been a great experience"

  12. Rainer
    from Germany

    "Thank you so much for being so friendly, it was a really pleasant stay. I enjoyed very much learning Spanish"

  13. Laticia
    from Illinois

    "I have enjoyed my time here at Logos. The instructor and staff are terrific. They made my learning experience fun. I looked forward to school each day, specially the break. I liked so much the fruits and coffee and having fun during the breaks. I have made new friends at Logos and will return in the future for more instruction"

  14. Dirk
    from Holland

    "I liked very much to spend time with you all and the course of Spanish for Business was excellent. I think Logos is a really good school and hope it will continue like that. Also we laughed a lot during the breaks but also talked about important and interesting topics. I hope to come back soon"

  15. Reino
    from Norway

    "I loved my classes at Logos. I wish I have heard of this school when I first arrived in Costa Rica. Thank you all for music advices and all the laughs we have shared during my time here"

  16. Nathanael
    from Minneapolis

    "To all at Logos, thank you so much for this great weeks I had here. It was a lot of fun. In the future I will remember with gladness this days, specially the time for coffee. Also I will always remember the last day and we all had so much fun. All are so friendly and smart and I will never forget my memories from here. Thank you so much"

  17. Laura
    from Minneapolis

    "I loved having Spanish class here. Thank you for all the laughs and also for being patient with my craziness in class"

  18. Sally
    from Wisconsin

    "Thank you so much for all your help. I had a wonderful teacher with endless gifts to share"

  19. Joy
    from Raleigh, NC

    "Thank you for helping me so much to learn Spanish. It was really beneficial. Also you all are so friendly. I enjoyed my class a lot"

  20. Madeline
    from Minneapolis, MN

    "I hope to come back here to continue learning. I enjoyed so much, the classes and the breaks too!! Thanks for all!"

  21. Viktor
    from Germany/Russia

    "I had four weeks learning so much and talking about all. I won’t forget the breaks with fruits, coffee and Latin music. Thank you so much for teaching Spanish to this Russian guy!"

  22. Martin
    from California

    "Thank you for an extraordinaire experience!!"

  23. Tomoko
    from Japan

    "Thank you for helping me so much in all. I learnt so much and was really happy here. There are no words to express the wonderful time I had"

  24. Simon
    from Germany

    "I had fun at class and really liked to improve my Spanish. Thank you for all the information and assistance and also for being so kind here"

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