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Hola!! Friends from all over the world!!
Welcome to Logos!

Our sincere desire is to make sure that people from many different countries who come to Logos to learn the language will make their dream come true. We also want to make sure that our students learn not only in an effective way as far as the mere language learning part is concerned, but also in a way that is enjoyable and inspiring for them, both during their time in class, and their time spent in other activities in Costa Rica.

Together with our team of teachers, we have invested many hundreds of research time, working hours and dollars in amassing quite an impressive collection of appealing and effective language study materials for the classes in order to equip the students not only with the highest quality material meeting individual needs in a very specific way, but also in order to be able to offer a lot of variety and enjoyment in the class.

We apply the best teaching methods and techniques and also to make sure that our students receive all the assistance they need in order to get the most from their stay here and to get many beautiful memories for the rest of their life.
Also from our office, we coordinate in Costa Rica for some very good volunteer organizations like Volontärresor (from Sweden), Travel to Teach (UK) and El Puente (Sweden).
We have experience ourselves as volunteers in the past and we have coordinated and arranged everything for students and volunteers for many years and we will do everything to make sure that the volunteers and students will have a wonderful time and experience in Costa Rica.

About our teachers:
At Logos we guarantee highly qualified teachers. All our teachers are native speakers of the Spanish language, graduated from universities in the fields of Spanish, Linguistics, Pedagogy, etc. and with long experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.
Every one of our teachers has proven to be reliable with a great attitude to encourage our students to learn and to make them feel confident and at home. Administrative

Administrative Staff:
Ronald Rivera

Our teachers:
Maritza Kelley                                Kattia Contreras
Dionisio Zamora                            Azalea Morales
Rebecca Cabrera                          Maria Eugenia Guadrón
Dinia Perez                                    Lara Solórzano

Accountant and Notary:
Francisco Fonseca and Consuelo Méndez de Fonseca.

Marketing Staff and Web Design:
William Reyes (GuarniCom.com)


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